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COVID-19 has changed everything.  To begin, its slowing things down to a screeching halt for organizations this year.  It’s a good reason to not stand still.  don’t miss the opportunity to get back on-track by attending our BUSINESS CASE BUILDERS Webinars.  In a period of dramatic change the purpose of our webinar series is to introduce your business to those new opportunities to re-think your business, and to equip you with everything you need to make your case.

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In addition, for every topic we cover, you can expect to receive the following deliverables, all for FREE: 

  • Expert practitioners and innovation experts: Who can help you learn what you don’t know?
  • Solution overviews and measurable benefits: Why should you bother to change?
  • Market and peer analysis: Who else is moving in this direction?
  • Case examples and stories: What are others doing?  How are they doing it? How do they benefit?
  • Barriers to change: Why do businesses struggle to cope with change?
  • Decision frameworks: How do you evaluate your options and decide?
  • 60-day project plans: How can you get something meaningful accomplished quickly?
  • Tips, tools and advisory services: Need help from experts with resources to make your case?


Rethinking the Future of Work

Thu, April 30, 2020

Strategic Workforce Planning Amid/After COVID-19 

How are you responding to the sudden and drastic changes brought about by COVID-19? What changes and adjustments have you made and will you need to make amid and after COVID-19? The future of work demands new workforce models. Whether your primary responsibility is for your full-time or contingent workforce, learn about the strategies and solutions leading practitioners utilize to develop a more flexible workforce and better ways to do business.    


COVID-19 – Industry Leaders Speak Out!

Tue, May 5, 2020

Industries Across the U.S. and Globally Respond to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to sweep across the U.S. and the globe, the magnitude of impact remains unknown.  Sit in on this virtual roundtable of leaders from across industries and hear them speak about the unexpected and how their companies are dealing with COVID-19 specifically – People, Process and Product. What, collectively, must we solve in the “New Normal” and what are potential actions/steps needed so that organizations can move forward and continue to thrive in this new reality?

Talent Change at Pandemic Speed!

Tue, May 12, 2020

Making Your Talent Supply Chain Work Amid and After COVID-19

Are you able to make remote talent sourcing work in your business today? If not, what do you need to learn to do differently? What sort of services, partnerships, methods and technologies will you need to embrace? What does ‘remote talent sourcing’ look like today? To succeed amid and after COVID-19, a root and branch change is needed. That can only happen when supported by a strategic change in the way you source and recruit talent – from digital technologies to new methodologies. Learn more as successful practitioners guide you through the critical success factors to make sourcing for your full-time and contingent workforce work in your organization.

Making Remote Talent Sourcing Work!

Tue, May 19, 2020

Making Remote Talent Sourcing Work!

Is this the right time to develop an alternate sourcing channel for contingent and/or full-time workers? Are you ready to build an in-house curated talent pool for your contingent workforce program amid and after COVID-19?  Direct sourcing is a hot topic because it offers a way to both access on-demand talent faster and engage flexible workforce at a lower cost. Learn more as successful practitioners guide you through the critical success factors to make direct sourcing work in your organization.


How to Avoid Tuning-Out Diversity

Tue, June 2, 2020

Making Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work Amid and After COVID-19 

Has it been challenging to put diversity into action in your workforce? Can you keep it front-of-mind in the face of other strategic priorities? Can you afford not to? While many organizations have made great strides with their full-time workforce, far fewer have made the same progress with their contingent workforce. That may mean that a quarter or more of the entire workforce is not experiencing equitable opportunity and fair treatment. Learn about Intentionally Inclusive™, our corporate initiative and business imperative for social good, and discover how to put diversity into action in your contingent workforce.  

Talent and Leadership Agility During a Time of Crisis

Thu, June 11, 2020

Making decisions on workforce sourcing and design at a time of crisis

The indicators are stark, particularly now. Organizations that fail to adapt to change and embrace digital technology in the future of work will become obsolete Changing how you bring value to your organization and its workforce is not a one-time change. Managers need talent for work, and talent needs personal work experiences. To achieve that requires a nimble organization that adapts resourcing rapidly. Learn what other practitioners are thinking about and doing to develop talent and leadership agility today and going forward.